26 Dec, 2023

Second Half Year of 2023 – “Yu-City’s Day of Charity” - Visit to Down Syndrome Foundation

Second Half Year of 2023 – “Yu-City’s Day of Charity” - Visit to Down Syndrome Foundation

Friendly workplace

In this year's coldest and most biting winds, which coincide with the winter solstice and Christmas would come behind this layer of extraordinary significance represented by both oriental & occidental cultures, it is also surrounded by a warm atmosphere at the end of the year, embraced by the warmth and hope. As a sustainable and friendly enterprise, Yu-City cares about the earth and dedicates itself to social responsibility. It is, as always, quietly giving unlimited care to the underprivileged groups in the society and spreading the light of love that the enterprise itself has always upheld. At this very moment in the time tunnel, a small dance formally opened with a joyful and natural dancing, which also experienced touching images and journeys.

In the second half of 2023, in the direct connection with the charity organization of the Down Syndrome Foundation, the handmade soap making and packaging process of the joyful and natural experience of interaction opened up the encounter between Yu-City and the children of the Foundation, and from the 100% sincere physical reflections of the children, the unabated warmth that was transmitted, and the pure, sincere and unsuspecting smiles on their faces, all of them showed that Yu-City and children have been really made here in due course. In their smiles, the Foundation's all-round care and education for every child shows that it has provided a touching example of nurturing love and a shelter of hope; and in this group of children who are totally inspiring, one can deeply feel a ray of sunshine in the cold winter, which is both warm and bright, as if it was telling that Christmas joy has been spread in this air-conditioned troupe, witnessing the unique charms of the children. Their joyful laughter was used to welcome the visit of Yu-City's loving and friendly sustainable development for enterprise Chairman Sammy Yu, President Peter Tseng, Strategy Director Flora Wu, and all departmental supervisors and employees.

The Down Syndrome Foundation has four goals, namely "Health, Friendliness, Environmental Protection, and Sustainability". These four goals also follow the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. They are divided into six indicators, namely, "Good Health and Well-being" in item 3, "Quality Education" in item 4, "Decent Work and Economic Growth" in item 8, "Reduced Inequalities" in item 10, "Responsible Consumption and Production" in item 12, and "Partnerships for the Goals" in item 17. These SDGs Sustainable Development Agenda targets are in line with the SDGs model that Yu-City is currently following and implementing, and are not in conflict with each other!

Just like the slogan of the Down Syndrome Foundation, which is boldly marked: “Never Falls!” This slogan profoundly unites the endless supports and strong beliefs for children with Down syndrome, and is not only a heroic aspiration, but also a declaration of love and confidence for this special group of children.

In other words, “Never Falls!” conveys trust and support for children with Down syndrome. In the face of life's challenges, this slogan seems to be a kind of spiritual encouragement, which tells these children that no matter how big the obstacles are, we believe that you have the strength to overcome them, and you will never fall!

It also represents the support and companionship of the sociality. Under the umbrella of “Never Falls!”, these children can feel the full supports from their families, communities and charitable organizations, and such support is the source of strength for them to thrive and grow.

Finally, “Never Falls!” reflects a call for compassionate education and an inclusive society, reminding us that every child deserves to be loved and has unique value, and with this in mind, we should strive to create a social environment where all children, regardless of their physical abilities, are able to realize their potential.