24 Nov, 2023

A New Benchmark for Middle-Aged and Senior Staffs Friendly Workplace in the Textile Industry

A New Benchmark for Middle-Aged and Senior Staffs Friendly Workplace in the Textile Industry

Friendly workplace

Yu-City Industrial Co., Ltd. just won “The Honor of Being Certified as a Business Unit of the New Taipei City Government's Middle-Aged and Senior Staffs Friendly Workplace” in 2023. Yu-City has not only won the government's full recognition and encouragement, but also established Yu-City's reputation as a new round of enterprise in textile industry, and set up an excellent particular type for the textile industry to learn from. Moreover, it has also put into an exemplary model for the textile industry to follow as well.

The assessment of Yu-City fits into four of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) identified by the United Nations through the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as well, namely "Good Health and Well-Being" in No.3, "Gender Equality" in No.5, "Decent Work and Economic Growth" in No.8, and "Partnerships for the Goals" in No.17 that all are also the main factors for Yu-City to be selected certification award by the New Taipei City Government.

Yu-City meets "Work Design and Physical and Mental Health Promotion" of the New Taipei City Government’s friendly workplace for the item No.3 of SDGs, including in terms of health and well-being of all middle-aged and senior staffs in company, for example, department heads regularly take care for the physical and mental health and condition of Yu-City middle-aged and senior staffs, adjust those staffs’ workloads in a timely manner, and remind senior staffs to pay attention to their physical strength and retirement plans. Besides, two types of time slots are available for all middle-aged and senior staffs to apply for according to their own life and work schedules or family situations so as to care for the work-life balance mechanism of the staffs. In office, chairs and computer monitors used by middle-aged and senior staffs in the workplace are designed to take into account their aging bodies, and are replaced with ergonomically adjustable chairs and broadband monitors to alleviate the stress of sitting for long periods of time on the backs of the limbs as well as the eyes.

Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but also a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable development of our enterprise culture in whole core value of Yu-City that always emphasizes a non-discriminatory attitude for those middle-aged and senior staffs in particular.

Quarterly through the behavioral assessment form, the supervisor arranges one-on-one interviews with staffs to understand and grasp the work profile of staffs in a timely manner, and give appropriate salary adjustments in accordance with the function as well as duty increased. Yu-City supports the development of middle-aged and senior staffs at both professional and personal working levels towards mutual economic achievements.

Yu-City sincerely respects for those employments of middle-aged and senior staffs to contribute the growth of company business operational performance, meanwhile, to strengthen the centripetal force of all employees and enhance the core values of the company by recognizing senior colleagues. These mutual partnerships have led to the outstanding achievement of specific goals for Yu-City. 

Accurately Implemented by Yu-City’s Sustainable Development of Workplace Talents

In conclusion, Yu-City Industrial Co., Ltd. places special emphasis on the strong assets brought to the market by the middle-aged and senior staffs, and builds an atmosphere and image of a diversified, friendly, peaceful and optimized workplace environment in all aspects of this company, and boldly and resolutely takes up the responsibility of a textile benchmark enterprise that is ready to demonstrate its sustainable management to the environment, the society, and all the staffs as well as employees.