29 Aug, 2022

What is knitted fabric?

What is knitted fabric?



Knit fabric is an elastic material, made by yarns initially formed into loops and then interconnected in order to produce a textile structure. Knit fabrics do not have a weave. However, the system of weft and warp threads, traditional for other fabric types, is preserved. The feature of knitwear is that it can stretch as you like due to the loops, which can change the size and shape. Knit fabrics including rib, single jersey, tricot, raschel, interlock and fleece.

Other than construction, knitted fabrics can be classified into different types depending on its functions. Performance fabrics are suitable for every occasion. Lightweight fabrics come with natural wicking property while heavyweight fabrics have remarkable heat retention. High stretch fabrics is a must for activewear. Usually adding Spandex would help increase the elasticity of the fabric making it a great fit for exercises. For industrial fabrics, dobby and jacquard constructions could be good choices, looking unique and beautiful.

Eco knitted fabrics are getting popular these days. There are many alternatives such as biodegradable, dope dyed yarn, recycled materials for brands to choose from. We expect to reach Net Zero Emissions by 2050.
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