20 Feb, 2023

What is a green supply chain and how do companies do it?

What is a green supply chain and how do companies do it?
To achieve this goal, enterprises must first evaluate their own advantages, and combine supply chain transformation with core business, so as not to let the transformation become superficial. How much carbon emissions will be generated by the business, and the transaction will be evaluated by carbon emissions.
The different positions of enterprises in the supply chain will also affect the strategies for managing green supply chains.
In addition to the most basic management of one's own business, the modern supply chain has the complex characteristics of layer-by-layer division of labor. How to manage suppliers? Luo Mingxiu said that this problem can be divided into two levels. When you need to manage your suppliers, it means that they are still in a passive state. This may also reflect that the consensus of the entire industry is not so high. In this case, it is necessary to affect your suppliers. It is naturally more difficult for first-tier suppliers and second-tier suppliers, and it will take time for it to evolve into an industry consensus.
  In the past, the indicators for selecting suppliers were low price, good quality, and stable delivery time. Now when it comes to green supply chain management, the more direct approach is to use sustainability indicators as one of the criteria for supplier selection.
"Sustainable supply chains used to be 'optional', but now they must be achieved."